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Blood Orange & Sumac Marmalade
Blood Orange & Sumac Marmalade

Blood Orange & Sumac Marmalade


Our blood orange marmalade from Lester at L'Hoste Citrus Farm's fruits in Louisiana includes lemony sumac notes. These typically sweet flavors are cut by the soft bitterness from the blood orange's medium rind. This is a great jam for baking or as a glaze for redfish. 

A note on sumac: sumac the 'spice' is the dried and ground bright red flower portion of the sumac plant (which is actually part of the cashew family!) Sumac grows across the Mediterranean and is extremely popular in Middle Eastern cooking. It is one of the principle ingredients in za'atar, alongside thyme and sesame seeds, and is used as a fragrant, bright, and acidic addition to rubs, dressings, sauces, as a garnish & more. 

Net Wt 9.5 oz

Ingredients: Blood Oranges (L'Hoste Citrus Farm), Sugar, Sumac, Fresh Lemon Juice (Isabelle's Orange Orchard)