Please note that orders are packed on Saturday's before noon and shipped out on Monday each week. We now offer a free in-store pick up option but have stopped offering local delivery.


 How long does the jam last unopened?

Each jar of jam lasts 2 years unopened from the day we make it. A date is written on the label for ease of reference. We typically sell out of each flavor before it's seasonally time to produce it again and so the jams you buy on our website typically have at least 1 year left of pantry life in them. 


How long does the jam last opened in the fridge?

Once you open your jam, we recommend you enjoy it within the month.


Why don't you use commercial pectin?

We omit commercial pectin because it is not necessary in order to achieve a jam's set. We prefer working the natural pectin found in fruit in order to preserve the true taste of the fruit and to ensure a softer, more natural texture rather than a gel-like set. When working with low-pectin fruit or when making jellies, we use our stock of apple pectin made in August each year from Amorphous Gardens apples.


What's in apple pectin?

Apples, water, sugar, and lemon juice. 


What percentage of sugar to fruit are in your jams?

In order to ensure shelf-stability, our marmalades are equal parts sugar to fruit weight and our jams are 60% sugar to fruit weight.


Do you make a sugar-free jam?

No! But V Smiley Preserves makes a wonderful array of honey-sweetened jams.


What can I expect from your shipping rates?

We offer flat rate shipping for our jam jars. For US Orders, ship up to 5 jars ship for $14 and up to 9 jars for $20. For orders to Canada, ship up to 6 jars for $25. Shipments to Canada may be subject to taxes and duties upon receipt. Orders under $40 CAD (including shipping) are free and clear. Orders under $150 CAD (including shipping) are subject to taxes but not duties. Orders over $150 CAD (including shipping) are subject to both taxes and duties.


I'm local and I don't want to pay to ship my jam. What's my best option?

Come to our jam shop located at 2352 St Claude Avenue during our operating hours. This is where you are guaranteed to find the greatest variety of flavors in the largest quantity.


One or more of my jars arrived broken! What should I do?

After several years of shipping jam jars, our method has evolved to wrapping each jam jar in bubble wrap and then shipping them in a smaller box within another larger box with extensive crumbled paper padding between. We also label the box as fragile and explain that there are glass jars of jam inside in order to prevent any breakage from happening to the best of our ability. 

Sometimes, however, someone has a bad day at the post office and a jar or two breaks as a result. This is very sad for everyone involved and luckily only happens about 3 times each year. In this case, the recipient of the package (you!) are able to file a claim online with USPS in order to receive a refund for the damaged jars and shipping costs. 

The claim process works as follows:

1. Take photos of the broken jam jars inside your package. Do not throw out the broken jars! Keep them inside as is the box they came in in case further evidence is requested

2. File a claim online here, providing USPS with the photos and all other information they may need

3. You will either receive a letter stating that your claim has been approved along with a check OR a letter requesting 'more evidence'

4. 'More evidence' requires that you bring in your damaged package to your local post office with the letter so that they can inspect the package

5. You will receive the letter of approval and corresponding check a few weeks later


I'm interested in wholesale information for my shop, how can I get in touch?

We love offering new jam access points in New Orleans and elsewhere. Email us at 


How can I get jelly donuts? 

Come to our jam shop during operating hours to see if we have any available.


Do you offer additional catering aside from jelly donuts?

Occasionally! We have catered bridal showers, wedding brunches, and film shoots. We're happy to explore options beyond jam and jam-related baked goods with you if you have something specific in mind.