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Barbecue Bundle
Barbecue Bundle

Barbecue Bundle


Our grapefruit marmalade is bitter and smoky with big bite. This marmalade pairs well with a delicate soft cheese, some sweet butter and a thick slab of sourdough, or in a Paloma.

This spicy satsuma jam is our best seller for a reason. Each summer, we mince and preserve criolla sella peppers from Poché Family Farm and wait until Lester's organic satsumas come to harvest in the fall. These special peppers add the perfect tropical heat, golden glow, and citrusy mango notes that makes this flavor so beloved. Pair this jam with manchego, smoked fish, smoked sausage, or as a barbecue glaze.

Our blood orange marmalade from Lester at L'Hoste Citrus Farm's fruits in Louisiana includes lemony sumac notes. These typically sweet flavors are cut by the soft bitterness from the blood orange's medium rind. This is a great jam for baking or glaze for redfish.