Mayhaw Jelly

Mayhaw Jelly

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Mayhaws, or Hawthorn berries, thrive in the wetlands across the Southern United States, and are known for ripening into their crimson cranberry-like appearance during the month of May. Because they are too tart to eat off the tree, their fruity essence is traditionally distilled into jelly. Historically, mayhaw trees grew along Bayous and families would skim the fallen ripe fruit out of the water and into their boats. Our mayhaws come from the Robert Helm Memorial Mayhaw Grove. Robert's cousin Caroline maintains her five mature trees in honor of the time they spent together harvesting mayhaws each year from their favorite picking spots across South Louisiana during his lifetime.

Our version of the Southern Classic is made with homemade apple pectin rather than commercial pectin. The apples come from Amorphous Gardens in Canton, MS and add a subtle clean edge to round out the intense fruit brightness of the mayhaws.

Works nicely as a glaze, slathered on cornbread, or served alongside game meats.

Net Wt 9.5 oz

Ingredients: Mayhaws (Helm Grove), Sugar, Apple Pectin (Amorphous Gardens), Fresh Lemon Juice (Isabelle's Orange Orchard)

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